Univet 6X3 Face Shield for Panoramic Goggle

Code: EYE-6X3F
12.95 ex VAT


Univet 6X3 Face Shield for use with Univet 6X3 Next Generation Goggle  

The originality of 6X3 takes form in the design of the face support that ensures a proper seating for respiratory masks and half masks and in the use of the facial protection, that provides additional defence to the operator’s face. 

  • Clear Polycarbonate

  • Protects against impacts and UV rays 
  • It can be used for prolonged use as it does not create distortion and visual strain 
  • No colour distortion 
  • UV400 variant for increased UV protection 
  • Mirror variant (FM) for glare protection

  • Mechanical works in good visibility conditions