Safhir Brown S3 Safety Boot

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Safhir Brown S3 Metal Free Safety Boot

  • Lining - Three-dimensional Plasmafeel fabric. Resistant to wear and tear and peeling, with special features of breathability and quick drying.
  • Insole - Removable, antibacterial, absorbent, Fusstatic, which ensures the wearer's foot remains dry at all times.
  • Sole - Anti-static, dual-density polyurethane. Expanded polyurethane midsole, guarantees both total comfort and shock absorption on any kind of surface. Hi-grip, compact polyurethane outsole, for greater resistance against wear and tear, resistant to corrosion by oils and hydrocarbons. Shock absorption in the heel area.
  • Toe Cap - Composite, ultra-lightweight, undetectable by metal detectors, shock absorption max. 200 Joules, exceptional elastic memorycapacity.
  • Midsole - Multi-layer composite, extremely flexible, lightweight, imperceptible during walking. Moreover, it guarantees perfect thermal insulation.