Nano Fabric Washable Mask

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Nano Fabric Washable Mask

The mask is tested by SGS Textile Laboratory showing that it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on the X-Static surface after 24 hours. X-Static fibre combines “silver fibre” with textile fibre through the process, so that the “silver-coated surface “does not disappear gradually due to being worn or washed constantly, and it is maintaining the touch and characteristics of traditional textiles. X-Static fibre features deodorization and anti-static.

How To Wear The Mask:

1. Clean your hands before open the bag.

2. Tighten elastic band before wear it up.

3. Tighten band up on the other side.

4. Put on ear loop, covered nose and chin.

4. Use finger to press down the plastic band onto nose.

5. Slightly to adjust mask on cheek make sure no gap between fabric and cheek.

6. Wash it gently by hands, the inner quick dry textile will dry the mask within hours.


1. Please do not use it along with high heat products.

2. If there’s an allergy reaction with your face, please take the mask off immediately and consult your physician.

3. Easy cleaning. Use fingers to rub inner layer. Hang to dry.